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Brierwood Joins the Tech Co-op Network

We recently got the opportunity to join the Tech Co-op Network. The organization links together technology oriented co-ops from all over North America in the spirit of collaboration and mutual support. We are proud to be a part of the network. Check it out when you get a chance.

Brierwood on CBC Morning

We had a great opportunity to be on the CBC Morning show and talk about worker co-operatives in the hi-tech. It was a very suitable interview for Labour Day. Take a listen and please get in touch if you have any questions or thoughts about worker co-operatives in hi-tech.

Brierwood Relaunch

We’re thrilled to present our new logo, company branding, and website. We’ve been very lucky to share some office space with some of the design team from Jessica Rousseau Design who have helped us develop our new look. It is an exciting time at Brierwood Design. We’ve settled into our office location in Westboro, and we’ll be taking the entire […]

An Objective-C API implementation using SBJson and ASI

I was in a need of a integration for URL shortening for a client recently. I found a great one called ILBitly, but it was built on top of AFNetworking and JSONKit. Since I didn’t want to introduce these additional dependencies into the app, I created an updated version of ILBitly called BRBitly. It has an identical interface to […]

Quickstart for Django Piston API on Dotcloud

I’ve been checking out several of the new Django hosting services including in a previous post and now dotcloud. My overall goal is to evaluate them in the context of building very quick and lightweight mobile web services / APIs. The setup and installation went very well except when I tried to deviate from the recommended directory structure at […]

Quickstart for Django mobile API on

I’ve been meaning to check out several of the new Django hosting services including, dotcloud, and I haven’t received invitations to all of them yet, so I’ll start with gondor since I received that invitation quite a while ago. My overall goal is to evaluate them in the context of building very quick and lightweight mobile web services […]

Brierwood @ HackOtt

Brierwood sent a little contingent down to participate at HackOtt. It was a great event with lots of energy and tech stars from the local community. Shawn and I formed a team to create an application using the Yellow API (one of the official APIs) and Urban Airship (an unofficial but also very useful API). The Yellow API provides various […]

A Simple Extension to timeline_fu — fires_manually

Shawn and I have been working on a great Rails project over the last six months called It is the best way to contribute to your favourite charities, non-profits, open-source projects, or even friends and family. You should go check it out and I highly recommend signing up. Unfortunately, it’s limited to US-based organizations currently, so keep that in […]

No Really, Why a Coop?

"So, what are you up to nowadays?" Its the professional equivalent of talking about the weather, but since starting our worker cooperative, it triggers a lot more than the usual light banter. This is how it usually goes: "So, what are you working on these days?" "Shawn, Reid, and I started a co-op." "A co-op? Like MEC?" "Well its a […]

The New Socialism?

A few days ago, I read The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online by Kevin Kelly. I found the article very relevant to me, because we are essentially living it. The article is actually about the shift to a peer-production society, where business is carried out by free exchange between individuals, small or impromptu groups, etc., like what […]

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