Quickstart for Django Piston API on Dotcloud

Posted by on May 18th, 2011.

I’ve been checking out several of the new Django hosting services including in a previous post and now dotcloud. My overall goal is to evaluate them in the context of building very quick and lightweight mobile web services / APIs.

The setup and installation went very well except when I tried to deviate from the recommended directory structure at which point I had to open a support ticket with my weird error and got an excellent response that was 100% on the money. I don’t want to repeat a lot of the basic setup instructions because I think that has been handled adequately by the dotcloud django documentation and by Ken Cochrane’s excellent blog post Deploying My Django Application to Dotcloud.

The thing that I wanted to give people was a starting repot with the correct layout and setup that worked for me. Most of the instructions and commands are included in the README for my public bitbucket repot dotcloud_starter. The project is based around using django-piston and even includes a working sample app with fixtures.

Please note that this project makes several mildly opinionated assumptions to get started quickly: use sqlite for DB, use south for migrations, use piston for mobile API. Please feel free to drop me a note or comment if you find this useful.

Overally, I was quite impressed with the dotcloud offering and the flexibility of the services which you can mix and match. I may extend this starter project in the future with support for push notifications or even redis pub/sub. We’ll see — I also want to use this for some real-world examples.

Good luck. I’m also hoping to try out soon or apphosted.

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