Our Core Services

At Brierwood Design, we cover every aspect of
producing a top quality app for our clients, including:

User Experience (UX)

Mobile apps have special UX considerations, and that’s why we pay careful attention to this critical phase. We either refine our clients’ existing concept, or create something new and innovative from scratch.


This is our “core” service, and we leverage in-depth development experience to turn out clients’ vision into reality. While we never over-complicate the design process by adding time and resources when not required, we’re glad to tackle extremely complex projects.

User Interface (UI)

Mobile UI is a specialized field, and competence in this area is critical to success. We work with our clients to craft the UI that fits their style, needs, budget and timeline.

Quality Assurance

Our clients’ apps are going to be distributed to millions of users around the world – and that means their reputation is on the line with every download. That’s why our quality assurance commitment is total and without compromise.

Web Services

Mobile apps often require integrated web services, and we have the expertise, tools and vision to tackle this challenge.

Project Management

The mobile environment is fast-paced, and delivering a high quality app on time, in scope, and within budget isn’t optional; it’s mandatory. We skillfully manage the entire project management process to ensure that our clients enjoy a seamless experience and a successful outcome.

Ports to Other Platforms

While iOS is our specialty, we have the ability to port to other platforms, including Android.