If you want to add warmth and style to your room, wooden table lamps may be the right choice. They are available in many different shades, styles, shapes and colors. You will find these table lamps made from different species of wood like mahogany, walnut, cherry, oak, maple, just to name a few. Wooden bulbs range from very earthy to very sophisticated.

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As more and more attention is paid to the environment, wooden table lamps are becoming more and more common. They give the interior a natural element. These fixtures are easy to find in Contemporary, Traditional, Oriental and Contemporary styles. Wooden lamps are made using different methods.

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You can create an inexpensive wooden lamp using your own design or a piece of wood that has a special character or meaning to you. The quality of the fixture and shade are important factors in determining whether a lamp looks good or looks like something that burns like fuel.

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Often wooden bulbs are created by turning wood over on a lathe. Depending on the type of tree, they may or may not be very down to earth. Wooden bulbs can be unique, especially if the pellets have different colors and textures. Probably one of the oldest methods of creating a wooden base is to carve a tree by hand. Wood carving can be very easy or very difficult. Of course, the wood was carved before the development of the electric concept.

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